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Shizuka's Journal

3 September 1985

My Transformers Collection

My Squiby Adoptables

My icon journal sweetpirateicon

Credit for the G1 Starscream mood theme goes to neonstilettos



Made by shizuka85

Made by shizuka85



Resolution of the People ~ from ''Ring a Bell''TALES OF VESPERIA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

«Tales of Symphonia» Kratos

«Tales of Symphonia»



aerialbots, aladdin, alan menken, alice in wonderland, anime, ariel, arikawa masaomi, asbel lhant, asbel/sophie, autobots, automobiles, aviculture, back to the future, bayformers, beauty and the beast, belle, birds, bleach, botcon, breakdown, breakdown/knockout, budgerigars, budgies, c.c., canna nobutoshi, captain jack sparrow, cassetticons, celine dion, chevrolet, chevrolet corvette, cinderella, clamp, cloud strife, cockatiels, cockatoos, code geass, cosplay, decepticons, disney, disney animation, disney princesses, dodge challenger, donald duck, drift, drift/wing, estelle, fairy tales, fanart, fanfiction, fighter jets, final fantasy, ford mustang, fullmetal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, harukanaru tokino nakade, hercules, hunchback of notre dame, ichigo/rukia, icons, j-pop, japan, japanese language, jasmine, jude/milla, jurassic park, kaji aoi, kingdom hearts, kiniro no corda, kinoshita sakura, knock out, knockout/breakdown, kratos aurion, lamborghini, lamborghini countach, lelouch, lelouch lamperouge, lelouch vi britannia, lelouch/c.c., leozack, lloyd irving, lloyd/colette, loki/mayura, luke fon fabre, luke fone fabre, luke/tear, manga, mickey mouse, minnie mouse, mulan, mythical detective loki ragnarok, norse mythology, norway, old school video games, once upon a time, optimus prime, ornithology, parakeets, parrots, peter pan, pinocchio, pirates of the caribbean, pixiv, pocahontas, princess aurora, rapunzel, ratchet, revenge of the fallen, sleeping beauty, snow white, soundwave, soundwave/starscream, star wars, starscream, tales of destiny, tales of eternia, tales of graces, tales of hearts, tales of phantasia, tales of rebirth, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, tales of vesperia, tales of xillia, tangled, tarzan, the lion king, the little mermaid, the nightmare before christmas, the walking dead, toys, transformers, transformers animated, transformers g1, transformers headmasters, transformers prime, transformers shattered glass, transformers toys, transformers victory, video games, vortex/first aid, wall-e, walt disney, walt disney world, war for cybertron, yuri lowell, yuri/estelle


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