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MetroCon was so fun! This was my first time cosplaying! (I was going to last year but I missed the convention because I forgot the date.) I was C.C. from Code Geass in this costume:

Sorry, but I'm not comfortable posting photos of myself on the internet.

There was a Tales of Series discussion panel and it was a lot of fun.

I got lots of really cool stuff!

These are my new figures. I love them so much! From left to right: Kratos, short-haired Luke, bartender Guy, and Lelouch. I would have bought a lot more if they weren't so expensive.

This is my Sora plushie (from Kingdom Hearts) and my Tales of Vesperia artbook.

These are my necklaces: keyblade from Kingdom Hearts and the Black Knights symbol from Code Geass.

This is my sword. It was only 12 dollars. I think it looks a little bit like Yuri's Second Star (except for the colors) but it's just a generic katana. Yes, it's a real sword.

BTW, I just preordered Tales of Vesperia PS3 version♥!!!
But I don't have a PS3 yet...