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Transformers Icons

[46]Transformers G1
[40]Transformers Animated
[41]Transformers Armada


( Fake cut )

98 Transformers Icons

[37] Transformers Armada
[46] Transformers G1
[10] Transformers Shattered Glass
[5] Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


( Fake cut )

Christmas vacation!!!

Final exams are over!!! :D

Happy Thanksgiving!


My Transformers Collection

Last Updated: 10/14/2012
Current Total: 225

2007 Movie Deluxe Protoform Optimus Prime
Alternators Tracks
Alternators Wheeljack
Alternators Windcharger
Alternity Convoy (Optimus Prime) Vibrant Red
Alternity Starscream
Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass Starscream
Botcon 2009 Leozack
Botcon 2010 Breakdown
Botcon 2010 Cindersaur
Botcon 2010 Clench
Botcon 2010 DoublePunch
Botcon 2010 Rapido
Botcon 2010 Shattered Glass Ravage
Botcon 2010 Skybyte
Botcon 2010 Slice
Botcon 2010 Spark
Botcon 2010 Streetstar
Botcon 2010 Turbomaster
Botcon 2011 Shattered Glass Galvatron
Botcon 2011 Shattered Glass Thundercracker
Botcon 2012 Gigatron
Botcon 2012 Metalhawk
Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Soundwave
Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Tracks
Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Treadshot
Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus
Classics Grimlock
Classics Mirage
Classics Starscream
DOTM Cyberverse Bumblebee VS Starscream Set of 4
DOTM Cyberverse Legion Mirage (Dino)
DOTM Cyberverse Legion Soundwave
DOTM Deluxe Jolt
DOTM Deluxe Soundwave
DOTM Deluxe Starscream
DOTM Voyager Shockwave
DOTM Walmart Exclusive Cyberverse Soundwave
e-Hobby Collector's Edition Garboil and Howlback
G1 Air Raid
G1 Breakdown
G1 Dead End
G1 Fireflight
G1 Frenzy
G1 Jazz (Reissue)
G1 Perceptor (Reissue)
G1 Prowl (Reissue)
G1 Red Alert (Reissue)
G1 Rotorstorm
G1 Sideswipe (Reissue)
G1 Silverbolt
G1 Skydive
G1 Slingshot
G1 Soundwave with Ravage and Laserbeak (Reissue)
G1 Thundercracker
G1 Topspin
G1 Twin Twist
G2 Gobot Soundwave
G2 Grimlock
G2 Sideswipe
G2 Silverbolt
Generations Blurr
Generations Cybertronian Bumblebee
Generations Cybertronian Megatron
Generations Cybertronian Optimus Prime
Generations Cybertronian Soundwave
Generations Darkmount
Generations Dirge
Generations Drift
Generations FOC Jazz
Generations FOC Optimus Prime
Generations FOC Shockwave
Generations Red Alert
Generations Skullgrin
Generations Thrust
Generations Thunderwing
Generations WFC Legends Starscream UK Exclusive
Generations Wheeljack
Henkei Exclusive Dark Skyfire
Henkei Exclusive Electro Disrupter Mirage
Henkei Exclusive Ghost Starscream
Henkei Hound with Ravage
Henkei Optimus Prime
Henkei Silverbolt
Henkei Skyfire
Henkei Skywarp
Henkei Starscream
Henkei Thundercracker
Hunt for the Decepticons Activators Starscream
Hunt for the Decepticons Elita-1
Hunt for the Decepticons Leader Starscream
Hunt for the Decepticons Legends Ravage
Hunt for the Decepticons Sea Attack Ravage
Hunt for the Decepticons Sea Spray
Masterpiece Skywarp
Masterpiece Starscream Ghost Version (Takara)
Music Label Soundwave Blaster Black
Music Label Soundwave Sonic White
Music Label Soundwave Spark Blue
Power Core Combiners Huffer with Caliburst
Power Core Combiners Searchlight with Backwind
Power Core Combiners Skyburst with Aerialbots
Reveal The Shield Special Ops Jazz
Reveal The Shield Turbo Tracks
ROTF Deluxe Breakaway
ROTF EZ Collection Soundwave
ROTF Cannon Bumblebee
ROTF Deluxe Jolt
ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe
ROTF Deluxe Soundwave
ROTF Fast Action Battlers Double Blade Optimus Prime
ROTF Gathering at the Nemesis Megatron
ROTF Gathering at the Nemesis The Fallen
ROTF Gathering at the Nemesis Soundwave
ROTF Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam
ROTF Leader Optimus Prime
ROTF Voyager Defender Optimus Prime
ROTF Voyager Ironhide
TFA Activators Armor Up Optimus Prime
TFA Activators Megatron
TFA Activators Soundwave
TFA Activators Starscream
TFA Deluxe Arcee
TFA Deluxe Blurr
TFA Deluxe Bumblebee (Takara)
TFA Deluxe Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime
TFA Deluxe Cybertron Mode Ratchet
TFA Deluxe Electrostatic Soundwave with Ratbat (Takara)
TFA Deluxe Elite Guard Bumblebee
TFA Deluxe Jazz
TFA Deluxe Oil Slick
TFA Deluxe Prowl (Takara)
TFA Deluxe Snarl
TFA Deluxe Soundwave with Laserbeak (Takara)
TFA Deluxe Swoop
TFA EZ Collection Elite Guard Prowl (Takara)
TFA EZ Collection Family Mart Exclusive Bumblebee (Takara)
TFA EZ Collection Family Mart Exclusive Optimus Prime (Takara)
TFA EZ Collection Family Mart Exclusive Prowl (Takara)
TFA EZ Collection Family Mart Exclusive Starscream (Takara)
TFA Jetfire
TFA Jetstorm
TFA Sons of Cybertron Clear Optimus Prime (Takara)
TFA Sons of Cybertron Clear Rodimus (Takara)
TFA Voyager Blitzwing
TFA Voyager Grimlock
TFA Voyager Megatron (Takara)
TFA Voyager Optimus Prime (Takara)
TFA Voyager Shockwave
TFA Voyager Skywarp (Takara)
TFA Voyager Starscream (Takara)
TFA Voyager Wingblade Optimus Prime (Takara)
TFCC Exclusive Dion
TFCC Exclusive Runamuck
TFCC Exclusive Shattered Glass Cyclonus
TFCC Exclusive Sideburn
TFP Arms Micron Breakdown (Takara)
TFP Arms Micron Knock Out (Takara)
TFP Cyberverse Commander Bulkhead
TFP Cyberverse Commander Dreadwing
TFP Cyberverse Commander Megatron
TFP Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime
TFP Cyberverse Commander Starscream
TFP Cyberverse Legion Breakdown
TFP Cyberverse Legion Knock Out with Energon Driller
TFP Cyberverse Legion Knock Out (Orange Repaint)
TFP Cyberverse Legion Vehicon
TFP Deluxe Dead End
TFP Deluxe Knock Out
TFP Deluxe Ratchet
TFP Deluxe Shadow Strike Bumblebee
TFP Deluxe Soundwave
TFP Deluxe Wheeljack
TFP First Edition Deluxe Starscream
TFP Robots in Disguise Deluxe Bumblebee
TFP Robots in Disguise Deluxe Cliffjumper
TFP Robots in Disguise Voyager Bulkhead
TFP Robots in Disguise Voyager Megatron
TFP Robots in Disguise Voyager Optimus Prime
TFP Robots in Disguise Voyager Starscream
Titanium War Within Skywarp
Titanium War Within Starscream
Titanium War Within Thundercracker
Unicron Trilogy Armada Blurr with Minicon Incinerator
Unicron Trilogy Armada Jetfire with Minicon Comettor
Unicron Trilogy Armada Red Alert with Minicon Longarm
Unicron Trilogy Armada Starscream with Minicon Swindle
Unicron Trilogy Armada Street Speed Team Minicons Backtrack, Oval, and Spiral
Unicron Trilogy Armada Thundercracker with Minicon Zapmaster
Unicron Trilogy Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Prime
Unicron Trilogy Cybertron Deluxe Skywarp
Unicron Trilogy Cybertron Deluxe Thundercracker
Unicron Trilogy Cybertron Legends Starscream
Unicron Trilogy Energon Skyblast
Unicron Trilogy Energon Starscream (G1 Colors)
Unicron Trilogy Energon Storm Jet
Unicron Trilogy Galaxy Force Voyager Starscream
United Cybertron Mode Soundwave
Universe Challenge at Cybertron Cyclonus
Universe Challenge at Cybertron Galvatron
Universe Challenge at Cybertron Rodimus
Universe Deluxe Acid Storm
Universe Deluxe Prowl
Universe Deluxe Ratchet
Universe Deluxe Sideswipe
Universe Deluxe Silverstreak (Bluestreak)
Universe Deluxe Smokescreen
Universe Deluxe Special Edition Optimus Prime
Universe Deluxe Sunstreaker
Universe Deluxe Starscream
Universe Legends Hound
Universe Legends Starscream
Universe Voyager Blades
World's Smallest Transformers G2 Breakdown (unofficial product)
World's Smallest Transformers G2 Ramjet (unofficial product)
World's Smallest Transformers G2 Starscream (unofficial product)
World's Smallest Transformers Grimlock (unofficial product)
World's Smallest Transformers Sideswipe (unofficial product)
World's Smallest Transformers Soundwave White Version (unofficial product)

58 Icons: Tales and Transformers

[20] Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
[10] Tales of VS
[28] Transformers


( Fake cut )

55 Transformers Icons

[55] Transformers (2007 movie)


( Fake cut )

30 Disney Princess Icons

[30] Disney Princess


( Fake cut )


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